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(VIDEO) RSI-2 A Trading Strategy You Should Know

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Larry Connors is a name you may not know, but he developed a technical indicator and trading strategy you should know: RSI-2. Now you may remember RSI, or Relative Strength Index, from a much earlier episode. In fact, it was featured in Episode #10. RSI-2 isn’t really a new indicator, but a particular application […]

The Best Oil Play of The Century

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the price of crude oil has been on the rise, overtaking the $100 per barrel mark and holding in recent weeks. That has investment strategists scrambling to find which domestic oil and gas plays might benefit most from this trend. Street Authority author Eric Winter believes he has […]

Roll the Dice for 25% Gains With This Casino Play

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Many people who play the stock market look at it as a form of gambling rather than investing. In fact, some market participants like to “double down” with their capital, betting on share price appreciation in name-brand gaming stocks. Right now, according to Jim Woods in his Profitable Trading piece, “Buying the Dip Could Mean […]

Two Stocks with Catalysts That Remain “Buys”

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In volatile and potentially down market times, there are always stocks that emerge winners, usually because strong catalysts are in play, insulating them a bit against overall negative market sentiment. Frank Curzio, in his Daily Trade Alert piece “These Two Stocks Are Still ‘Buys’ Here,” brings his readers’ attention to two up and coming natural […]

Widely Held Issues Most Vulnerable in Market Downturn

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Good traders are always looking for solid entry points, and quite often a market pullback like the one we’ve recently seen can provide nice entry points for stocks. Still, that doesn’t mean that good stocks will necessarily rise in value first when the selling stops. That’s why Ben Kramer-Miller urges buyers to exercise caution on […]

(VIDEO) Powerful Tool For Screening & Evaluating Stocks

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Things can only get pushed so far. Something can only get squeezed so tightly before it has to pop! In stock-market terms, stocks that have narrowing trading ranges are being tugged from either direction by bulls and bears — and when one side finally wins the tug-of-war, the stock typically goes hurdling in their direction. […]

How to Profit from a Market Downturn

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What goes up, must come down—an old adage that currently applies to the great bull run of 2013. Whether U.S. equities continue their precipitous plunge from Thursday is anyone’s guess, but it’s always worthwhile to know how to position yourself in case a new bear market is upon us. That’s precisely what Zachary Scheidt does […]

Looking for A Gem in With Signet Jewelers

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For years, the industry name most synonymous with jewelry has been Tiffany & Co. That’s not to say that there haven’t been successful competitors. And right now, Marshall Hargrave believes that the stock of one of those competitors is primed for some significant gains—a subject he addresses in his Street Authority piece “Forget Tiffany & […]

Is it Time to Buy the Dip With Stratasys? (SSYS)

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No market sector was hotter during the 2013 bull run than 3D printing stocks, and for good reason. The revolutionary technology promises to change the nature of manufacturing, among many other things, and has started to rack up big sales for industry leaders. So far in 2014, however, those stocks have pulled back sharply in […]

Play Follow the Leader for 60% Upside

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There are dozens of ways to skin a cat in the stock market—some complicated and some fairly simple. Dave Goodboy, in his Profitable Trading piece “Small Stock Could Rocket More Than 60% Higher in the Next 60 Days,” suggests that readers try one of the simplest strategies of all: following the leader. The leader he […]