The 3 Great Disruptors

Right now, the technology sector is producing some of the biggest gains we’ve seen in the history of the stock market.

But there’s something most people don’t know.

In short, tech companies are at their most profitable once they’ve hit the “disruption phase.”

It happened with Facebook (690% gains), Google (2,073%), and Apple (1,154%).

Now, it’s about to happen with THREE more tech companies… each on being just days away from entering full-scale “disruption.”

And when this happens… The gains could be huge (I’m talking potential 10-baggers here).

  • DISRUPTOR #1: This company has become a HUGE player in the 5G revolution. In fact, most phones won’t even work unless they have this company’s chips inside of them.
  • DISRUPTOR #2: This firm has quietly become a world leader in the world of cybersecurity (a market expected to be worth $300 billion over the next four years). And they’ve recently inked deals with the U.S. government and the Department of Defense (totaling more than $1 billion).
  • DISRUPTOR #3: These guys produce a special type of electronic device that’s in every car, laptop, tablet, and desktop computer (and that’s just for starters). And as demand shoots through the roof, these guys could be on the verge of dominating a $20 billion market.

Thing is, if you want to make the biggest potential gains… You HAVE to move fast.

Because once a company hits its “disruption phase,” the gains tend to start rolling in very, very quickly.

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