The Best $20 You’ll Ever Invest Is Right Here

The Best $20 You’ll Ever Invest

Fellow Trader,

Meet Ken Trester.

Looks like Mr. Everyman, right? But tens of thousands of traders know him as the “Dean of Options Trading.”

He’s the guy who packs the hall in rare speaking engagements. And in-the-know traders talk about his long career in near-mythical terms.

You see, Ken goes way back in trading history. He was there in 1973 when the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) was founded, becoming the first marketplace for trading listed options.

At the time, most people knew little — and cared less — about the stock market. They tucked money away in bank accounts or perhaps a CD.

But Ken Trester was in the markets, trading before…during…and after the birth of modern options.

Now you can trade with him
for less than 20 bucks!

For the next 24 hours only, a full month of Ken’s Power Options Weekly costs you just $19.95.

You get 20 trades in all — less than a buck per trade.

That’s 20 opportunities for fast profits, 5 each week — using simple “call” and “put” options.

For example, trading 10 contracts…

  • WPC calls made $970
  • TMUS puts made $1,450
  • PAM puts made $1,250
  • FL calls made $1,250
  • INTC calls made $1,050
  • AAR puts made $2,450
  • AA puts made $970
  • BOX puts made $1,170
  • VNDA calls made $1,250
  • SNAP calls made $2,990

10 trades. All closed in a matter of days. An easy 10 contracts would have earned you $14,800 profits!

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David Tony
Managing Editor, Power Options Weekly