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Here’s what PPK stands for:

P = Pattern (identifying when a stock’s momentum overtakes its gravity and produces that first X)

P = Price (only buying good and cheap stocks based on Greenblatt’s “magic formula”)

K = Key Pivot (buying in within 24-48 hours of the Pattern beginning to ensure top profits)

Every month you'll receive your issue of The PPK System.

No worries about it getting held up or lost in the mail, this issue will be delivered instantaneously straight to your inbox.

That issue will contain 2-3 new Pattern opportunities that we’ve identified and that have passed the “magic formula" test of being good AND cheap.

They’ll also be within a reasonable timeframe of that Key Pivot Point that’s so important – meaning their first X will have appeared shortly before.

These buy alerts are simple and to the point. We take all the guess work out of the process for you.