How to Find the Best Stocks to Trade

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    When it comes to “predicting” the stock market, many people think of just two options: It’ll go up, or it’ll go down.

    This is a common mistake when buying stocks because the overall direction of the market doesn’t necessarily indicate whether you’ll win or lose on a stock.

    For instance, you might avoid the stock market like the plague when things are going down overall.  Meanwhile, you’re missing out on dozens of chances to make tons of cash.

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  • And that’s because a certain sector might be booming while the overall market is sluggish.  Or, in turn, the market might be shooting up while a specific company’s share price gets hammered.

    Take 2008 for instance.  Almost everyone was running from the market as fast as they could.  People were terrified to trade.  Because everything was going down, down, down.

    Yet, even during that extremely tough time, there were plenty of chances to cash in for some extremely solid gains.

    Instead of earning nothing, investors should have been looking at the stocks that were still primed to shoot up.

    • Hasbro went up 16%
    • Walmart went up 17%
    • Autozone went up 18%
    • Amgen went up 24%
    • Dollar Tree went up 64%

    Meanwhile, all this was happening as the market tanked by 37%.

    So, while the overall market trend is a good way to determine what’s happening as a whole… it doesn’t do much in the way of telling you what individual stocks are doing.

    But is there actually a way to determine what specific stocks are poised to do so you can get in on the best ones?

    Actually, there is.

    And it’s all in a video presentation we recently put together.



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