Allan from Plano, Texas


“…a $9.00 stock and I sold it for
$9.57 within about half-an-hour”

“I have been a member of Morning Hour’s Trading since the beginning. I was a beta tester. I’ve been with them almost nine-and-a-half or ten months now. I think it’s one of the best chat rooms and investment areas you could possibly run. I have been very successful in it, and and I have been able to maintain a country club membership as well as have a couple of very, very nice vacations, one overseas to Italy for 16 days, all due to the guidance and help that Bob gives us in the chat room.

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  • The chat room is one of the best places to be because it not only is fun listening to Bob’s advice and help, but other members in the chat room are so willing to give their experience and help you out in that area.

    If you want to learn to trade on your own you definitely need to be a part of the Morning Hour’s Training chat room for at least part of your trading life. Not only does Bob Joiner, the narrator and mentor of the chat room give us the stocks that we gap – if it’s a gap only type deal where the stocks that go up or go down, they’re called a gap stocks and when you play the delta then it changes, and Bob is extremely good at helping guide you through those trades.

    Just the other day I had a trade where I made $.57 in matter of about 30 minutes on a 2000 trade deal. It was a $9.00 stock and I sold it for $9.57 within about half-an-hour and I made a little over six percent on the money. It was a very nice six percent. I was into the thing pretty heavy.

    Bob is actually a very good mentor. He helps guide and keeps you posted on what is going on. If he makes the trade and it doesn’t go right, he tells you when to get out or starts advising you to think about when to get out. Ultimately, as in everything that you do, you’re responsible for yourself, but with Bob’s guidance the Morning Hour Trading System is one of the best places I’ve ever been a part of.

    I’ve been very successful at it. I highly recommend it for everybody that is learning to trade. The pace is much better than a quickie that you can never catch up with. It’s a good, steady, all-morning long chat room learning experience.

    Also, one of the nice things about it is the chat room stays open after Bob leaves at 12:30pm. All the traders advise each other amongst us, and we give stock picks and we help each other out and we answer questions, and we help set up computer systems; the whole nine yards. It is a wonderful chat room. I highly recommend it for anybody who is serious about day trading and wants to make money.”

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