Craig from Detroit, Michigan


“90% of the time his trades are right on”

“I signed up for BTST as soon as I saw the program come out. I really like the late-day trade. And with this service, 90% of the time, I’m guaranteed a late-day trade that I like, that I agree with… that I think is really going to do well.

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  • For instance, yesterday’s trade with Ciena. So I bought a couple thousand shares, and held it overnight. And when that market opened, BAM, up!

    And I got to agree that maybe 90% of the time his trades are right on. Certainly there’s some times I don’t agree… Better safe than sorry. I’ve had a better track record with BTST than with any of the services that Manny offers.

    I’ve been very happy with this service, and I’ve been a subscriber since day one… And have no intention of ever leaving it. Money well spent. Thank you so much. I really enjoy it. And thank you Adam Gabriel, Manny, Bob Joiner, AJ and all the gang down there.”