Joe from Daltona, Florida


“Being a member, I now do not
have the pressure of looking for
outside employment”

“I lost my job about one year ago. Since the job market was so difficult, I decided to trade stocks.

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  • About nine months ago I was somewhat successful; but I didn’t understand the market’s fluctuations. Then I stumbled onto Manny Backus and that’s when my life changed.

    Day trading appealed to me. I’ve been with First Hour Trading about five months now. At first I paper traded with Manny to understand his way of Day Trading. Then I took the plunge.

    At first I really didn’t do that well because I didn’t execute stop orders properly; but watching Manny helped me greatly.

    Along with First Hour Trading I then decided to join Morning Hour Trading; then later Last Hour Trading.

    Belonging to Manny’s chat rooms, which range from the high volatility First Hour Trading to the more deliberate Morning Hour Trading; then to the laid back Last Hour Trading; Manny has designed a program to fit your personality.

    Being a member, I now do not have the pressure of looking for outside employment. I can now make a living, meet my expenses, stay home with my wife and kids, and enjoy day trading by making an average of one to two percent daily on my trades.

    Trading on my own was a lonely, and sometimes frightful, living event; but now with the chat rooms and goal of each member to help each one make successful trades, I’m so glad to be a part of this. I highly recommend any of Manny’s chat rooms for successful trading. Thank you.”

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