Joe from Deltona, Florida


“In the 3 week period… I’ve seen
gains of over 18%”

“I’ve been using Wealthpire for a couple years, and am grateful to Manny for the many programs he has to offer. Recently however, I failed to put stop-losses on a couple of my day-trading stocks, and my account dipped below $25,000. Wanting to day-trade again, I didn’t know what to do because I needed at least $25,000 in my account to day-trade.

  • Special: The #1 stock in America
  • When Wealthpire introduced BTST, I figured this was just what I needed. I followed Adam Gabriel’s picks for a 3 week period, and it’s amazing how, in this volatile market he can pick winners. In the 3 week period… I’ve seen gains of over 18%.

    The BTST system is easy to use. Adam selects just one stock, purchases it at 5 minutes before the close for the day… And the next morning when it gaps up, you have your profit

    Of course, Adam doesn’t have 100% accuracy. But what I’ve kept track of, Adam has had winners for 4 of every 5 days for the trading period I participated in. I’ll continue to use BTST as Adam continues to be overwhelmingly successful for a novice trader like me.”