Mark from Ohio


“I (have) been able to replace the
income of my job”

“This is Mark. I’m also known as Meerkat Trader, from Ohio.

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  • I started with the early morning trading in April, 2009 after I lost a job of 32 years. I’d been a trader for a while; but I needed to learn how to do day trading now that I had more time on my hands while I looked for an encore career.

    I started out paper trading while I learned. I probably did that for six to eight weeks or more so that I could learn how early morning hours trading would work and what Bob’s style was.

    I continued to learn through his coaching and the picks that he made while I did the paper trading. Then I started to trade several of his picks. I also learned some other training techniques with other great traders on the site as well.

    Q: What are my results?

    A: Today not only have I been able to replace the income of my job; but I’ve also been able to dramatically increase my wealth above and beyond that at a much greater rate than I was before doing my swing trading.

    Quite honestly I have not had a losing day since October of 2009 while working on the site. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had losing trades; I just haven’t had a losing day. It’s a pretty incredible record.

    However, more importantly, I can’t do it without the list of the gap up and gap down stocks that Bob provides every morning. Those are the stocks that are going to move that day that we get to pick out of. Secondly, Bob’s picks are important. I choose to get in on many of them; but not all. It’s my choice.

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  • Thirdly, would be Bob’s coaching. We go through there at times when it’s not going well; or the indicators change. He coaches us to – again, capital preservation is everything. It has made me a dramatically better trader.

    A year later I’m still on the site because: a) I need those lists every morning; b) I need his coaching; and c) I need the other traders who are in there as well to help with their insights and picks.”