Randy from Kennedale, Texas


I was ecstatic thinking, “Man, this is

“I’ve been a MHT member for about three months now. Before finding Morning Hours Trading I was strictly buying stocks for the long-term; holding on for a long time.

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  • I did make some decent returns on my investments until “The Big Fall in 2008.” Everyone knows about that.

    I started saying to myself, “Oh, my stocks will come back; they always do.”

    I slowly watched all of my profits and principal start to wither away. I really didn’t know what I should do, “Should I get out? Should I stay? Should I buy more?”

    Over time I did see some of my stocks come back; but I was nowhere near returning to the value that I once had. I was down over 50%. I probably came back about 30%, so I’m still way down. Unfortunately with that comes lack of confidence. I became gun shy to get back into the market and reluctant to put any new money in.

    As I watched stocks go up and down every day and week, listened to my brother, I knew that there had to be a way to profit from this up and down cycle. I didn’t understand why stock moved up and down; didn’t understand the charts very good. When I did start getting back in, I was always picking the tops and selling at the bottoms. It was a pretty bad entry points. That’s when I joined the Morning Hours Trading. The system seems simple enough – just follow Bob and get in when he did and get out when the targets are met. I liked that idea.

    At first, though, man, I was scared; this is real money. I was playing with the stocks. Every now and then I’d play a stock. I did okay; had a few losses and some gains; but mostly I just watched, listened, and learned. I’ve been watching everybody entering the trades. Everybody would make their posts – when their targets were met I could sense their enthusiasm in their posts. It got my confidence back and I started playing a little bit more.

    I was just hoping, “Hey, if I could make any kind of profit, I’d be happy.” Then as I started learning Bob’s system even better, I started gaining a better understanding of when a stock was ready to move up or down.

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  • As I said, my first profits were small – real small. However, my last two trades have now been my best. I’ve made about 2.52% on CENX and 1.76% on FNSR – that’s Finisar. Each one of those trades only lasted about a minute; so, needless to say, I was ecstatic thinking, “Man, this is cool.”

    My confidence started increasing. It’s exciting to watch everybody else trade, too; to watch and learn. How everybody interacts in a chat room – everybody’s been extremely helpful. That’s one of the great things in there. They are able to keep you encouraged when you’re making bad trades or don’t quite understand something. Everybody is more than happy to pitch in and offer advice. They will also even let you know what stocks they are playing – regular ones that they play; what they’ve been getting in or just now getting in. They encourage everybody else, “Go ahead, and jump on the band wagon.”

    I want to say that this service has just been tremendous for me. My profits have not been near what I know that they will be; but my confidence is the biggest thing that I needed to get back first. If you don’t have any confidence in your trading, you’re going to make bad trades. Now I feel more confident that the trades that I am entering – when I am entering – I’m getting in at a good price.

    If it goes against me, it’s okay. Sometimes that’ll happen. Everybody’s encouraging on there. We just work the plan and the plan works.

    Bob and Manny, I appreciate your service. It’s been invaluable to me. I can now trade with knowledge and confidence, which will only increase my profits every time. Thanks.”