Insider Activity: Inc (CARS)

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  • CEO makes six-figure buy.

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  • Thomas Vetter, president and CEO at (CARS), picked up 11,000 shares recently, increasing his total share stake to just under 270,000 shares, making for a 4.5 percent increase in his total holdings at the company.

    At a price of around $9.60 per share, the buy came out to just over $105,000, a sizeable amount considering the company’s $650 million market cap.

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    Action to take: With shares trading at five times forward earnings, the company looks like an attractive buy right now, even if the overall business fails to grow. Given the growth of the space, however, and the likely future prospects for future growth, there could be some nice upside here.

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  • Shares look attractive up to $10.00 per share, and are certainly a bargain around $9. Speculators may want to consider the March 2020 $10 call options, which look like a cheap bet at $0.35 per option right now, or just $35 per contract. Should shares start to recover from their steep loss, that option could end up worth $1 or $2 by March, for a significant, quadruple-digit return or more.