The Best Trading Strategies for Novice & Professional Traders

Section1 – Bioportfoliologo


Take human emotions out of the most difficult trading sector and start earning big.

BioPortfolio is about to break the 1000% return milestone. Welcome to the only biotech investment newsletter which offers its full history to every subscriber. Unlike other similar services, which hype specific success stories within their newsletter, we reveal exactly how much you would have made investing according to our proven model - not just specific picks.

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Section 2 – Bigshort


Take advantage of the volatile markets by short selling doomed stocks.

The Big Short is the only short selling strategy with a proven track record of high profits in both bear and bull markets. Many major analysts and hedge fund managers are warning of an imminent 2008 size crash and for good reasons – the market is now more overvalued than it has ever been.

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Section 3 – Smallcaprockets


24 hour trades for small-cap stocks based on real time news analysis

After checking how intensive the coverage is, and whether the sentiment is positive or negative, algorithms rank the most impressive news based investments in priorety. We rely that information to you in the form of 5 daily opportunities each day at 8 PM ET. We share not just stocks to buy, but the news events that led to each pick. Rebalancing is done daily at market open (24 hour positions).

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Section 4 – Dailyinsider


Professional day-trading strategy based on predictive insider transactions

Between 2011 and 2015 the Daily Insider trading strategy newsletter averaged an annual return of 75%. The S&P 500 averaged just 18% in comparison for the same period. This day trading strategy is as simple as it gets; buy our four stock picks when the market opens, and sell them when it closes.

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Section 5 – Gosector


Sector ETF rotation & market strategy based on advanced algorithms

There are nine major sector ETFs that track the performance of their respective industries within the S&P 500. Each week GoSector’s strategy selects three sectors that are most likely to outperform the market, giving you that extra return with little additional risk.

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Section 6 – Guruportfolio


Quarterly clone portfolio of the top stocks selected by hedge fund managers

What if you could receive investment advice directly from the likes of Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Carl Icahn? GuruPortfolio breaks down the holdings of over 200 hedge funds and publishes a quarterly composite portfolio of their favorite stocks.

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The Next Superstock
Superstocks are the type of companies that could turn ordinary investors into millionaires.



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This chart pattern can position you to buy stocks that are trending up in value.
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