With The PPK System you’ll get:

  • 2-3 new stock recommendations each and every month… these opportunities are triggered by the X pattern and have also passed the “magic formula” test of being good AND cheap.
  • Complete access to The PPK System model portfolio with all active positions.
  • Complete access to our members-only website containing all past issues and trade alerts.
  • FREE Bonus – How to Identify When a Stock Is Starting to Trend. In this special report, we reveal the details of a highly reliable indicator that tells investors when a trend is starting and then signals when the trend is over.
  • FREE Bonus – 5 Chart Patterns That Consistently Make Money for Investors. These five patterns have been shown to consistently make money for investors.
  • FREE Extra Bonus – 7 Cheap and Good Stocks to Buy Right Now. Cheap and good are usually two competing qualities of a stock. It can be incredibly hard to find a company that offers you both. In this special report we share the reasons these 7 stocks in particular are both cheap AND good right now.
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