Is Boeing a Buy in 2020


With the new year comes new trading opportunities. One method traders use to take advantage of the new year is to screen for companies that underperformed in the prior year. Buying these “dogs” tends to make for a market-beating year, on average.

Trading Tips’ Andrew Packer explains in our latest video.

Research Exposes Shortcut to Stock Market Riches

JPMorgan buried a shocking statistic on page 65 of its 2017 Annual Report.

The trading team in JPMorgan’s investment division lost money on just 6 days between 2013 and the end of 2017. During 3 of those years, there wasn’t a single losing day on the books.

That’s a 99.52% win rate.

What’s their secret?

For one, traders at JPMorgan have access to the most in-depth research available. But perhaps even more importantly, they have enough buying power to single-handedly send stock prices soaring, almost at will.

They can practically guarantee their positions are profitable.

In other words, when JPMorgan buys, investors should pay attention. But most investors have no idea where JPMorgan and other institutional buyers are pouring their money… until it’s too late to profit.

Thanks to a breakthrough in market analysis, that’s no longer the case.

Wall Street insider Chris Rowe has recently released a tool that allows anyone with a brokerage account to see what these elite investors are doing in virtual real-time — and “piggyback” on their trades.

The tool enables you to:

  • Pinpoint where massive institutions like JPMorgan are starting to invest their money right now.
  • “Copy and paste” their trades in your own account and
  • Let them push your portfolio higher as they build massive positions in stocks you just picked up.

In effect, you’re “front-running” the some of the most accurate traders on the planet.

A handful of ordinary investors have already started using this simple tool as a shortcut to success in the stock market. Recently, they’ve had the chance to pocket quick gains of 256%, 340%, even 487% — without options or risky penny stocks.

In fact, Chris Rowe’s firm recommended 51 winning trades in a one day (with no losses) using this tool… despite heavy volatility that spooked many investors out of the market.

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Chris Rowe has managed hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. He’s generated tremendous returns in skittish market conditions like we’re seeing today.

This tool is the most powerful weapon in his arsenal.

No matter what’s going on in the market, JPMorgan will use it’s trillion-dollar buying power to ensure it keeps winning 99% of the time.

Watch Chris’ presentation to discover how to copy their trades for potentially huge profits.