Unusual Options Activity: The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

Bet on shares hitting new highs in next 13 months.

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  • Shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) sold off on Wednesday, following an earnings miss. Although shares are still up for the year, one trader is making an unusual bet that shares will head back to new all-time highs by September 2020.

    That’s based on the surge in trading on the September 2020 $170 calls—about 26 percent higher than where shares traded around $135 following their earnings miss.

    There’s a lot to like about the media giant, which is dominating the box office this year. In fact, the company set a record for highest revenue by a movie studio ever in one year on the strength of its film offerings, just through July 2019. Meanwhile, the company is also rolling out a streaming service that will combine its family-friendly movies and cartoons with sports and superheroes.

    Action to take: This is a company that investors may want to hold for the long-term, especially as the current market weakness makes it an attractive buy-and-hold investment. The dividend yield, while a modest 2 percent, certainly offers investors more income than government bonds right now, with the prospect of long-term capital gains to boot.

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  • But at just $415 per contract, those September 2020 $170 calls could offer a better percentage return, particularly in the coming weeks as the market rebounds from its recent weakness.