When to Follow Celebrities into an Investment


For years, many traders have hung onto the coattails of great investors. When someone like Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn disclose a new trade, there’s a surge of buying as smaller players also get into the trade.

But there’s another elite group that could be followed at the right time for profits as well.

That group? Celebrities. Trading Tips’ Andrew Packer explains in our latest video.

Forget 5G—Here’s the Next Big Thing

Fellow Investor,

Investing in 5G is old news.

The “easy” money has been made and most 5G plays have already seen their biggest gains.

If you want to go for the biggest gains in the next six months, you have to invest in the next big thing in technology.

This new technology was called “The future of AI, IoT, and 5G” by TechTarget.

And the company behind it could easily turn into the next Cisco.

I expect their $5 stock to climb to $90—and eventually even as high as $1,200 per share.

Even a $1,000 investment could grow to $18,000 — and as much as $240,000.

Go here to see this new tech — and get my #1 way to profit.

Jon Markman