Commercial Operations This Year Bode Well for this New Tourism Market

There’s high-flying stocks on Wall Street… and then there’s space tourism stocks. Launched just two years ago, Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) has been a popular name with retail investors.

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  • And with the company looking to finally launch commercial spaceflights, it’s gotten its highest analyst rating yet with a $50 price tag. That’s about a 50 percent increase from the current price of shares in the low $30s.

    Year-to-date, shares have run up as high as the $60 range, pulled back to a panic low of $25, and have since rebounded to $33. A move back to $50 would still keep shares well below their speculative highs from earlier in the year.

    As the company hasn’t launched its commercial flights yet, it remains an early-stage name with no profitability that’s been burning through capital. That hasn’t stopped shares from having some big runs in the past few months.

    Action to take: Shares are attractive, as the company is likely to be the biggest name in space tourism. Its early lead over competitors can build brand recognition as well.

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  • Traders may like either the shares or buying a call option to play the current trend higher. In the options space, the October $50 calls provide a sufficient strike date and price to potentially make for a great trade. The option last went for $7.10.

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