3 Stocks Under $10 to Buy Right Now


In the first quarter of 2019, the S&P 500 got off to its best start in more than two decades.­

However, this simple truth still remains: If you’re not invested in the right stocks, you’re not making any money.

It might sound harsh, but there’s no better way to put it.

So, after this blazing start to the year, which stocks are in the best position to make an absolute killing moving forward?


Take a look below at the three stocks we believe will outperform the market and give investors the chance to pull in some serious profits.

Stock No. 1 – “Canada’s Gold King”


These guys might be from Canada, but they have their hands in major precious metals projects all over the globe.

One of these projects includes one of the biggest gold mines in the United States – a mine that currently holds 3 million ounces of gold.

Of course, for a while, gold prices were down and nobody wanted to touch investments like these…

Which has created the perfect storm for us today. You see, gold prices are well above what they were just a few months ago, and demand continues to soar.

As ICMB Tokyo branch manager, Yuichi Ikemizu, says, “Investors are pouring their money into the safe haven of gold.”

And one overlooked company, “Canada’s Gold King,” is primed to skyrocket thanks to their heavy involvement in the precious metal.

Thing is, stocks like this shoot off fast.

So check out the free report on this cheap (for now) stock right here.

Stock No. 3 – “A Pure American Oil Play”


The American oil industry is blowing up thanks to huge production coming out of the Permian Basin.

And one of the major players is an overlooked company that trades for pennies compared to what it should trade for…

Which makes it a mouth-water acquisition target for all of the world’s biggest oil companies.

Just recently, Anadarko was bought out by Chevron. And shareholders watched as the stock immediately jumped from around $40 to more than $60… literally overnight.

But even if this tiny company isn’t acquired by “Big Oil,” shares of its stock stand to run thanks to its powerful ties to one of the hottest oil locations in the world.

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Overall, it’s pretty simple. Buy the right stocks, and you’ll have the opportunity to make money hand over fist.

And the three companies we just outlined are the perfect chance to do just that.

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