5 Stocks to Buy if Trump is Elected President in 2024

Ready for a rematch?

The 2024 Presidential election is setting up to be a rematch of 2020.

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  • In one corner is the incumbent President, Joe Biden.

    In the other corner is former President Donald Trump.

    Both have taken different paths to get here. Biden was elected a senator at the age of 29 – but turned the required age of 30 before he came into office.
    A fixture in the Senate for decades, Biden left to become Vice President under Barack Obama.

    Trump, meanwhile, followed in his father’s footsteps and became a real estate developer. He put together some unusual and unique real estate deals that allowed him to reshape New York City’s skyline.

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  • Then, he turned to reality television, best known for The Apprentice.

    In office, both candidates look at the world through different views. Trump’s term in office saw a massive decline in federal regulations, which allowed some industries to see substantial profits.

    Biden, on the other hand, has been heavier on regulations. But government spending on specific sectors has been higher as well.

    In this report, we’ll look at the top five stocks to buy for a Trump rematch victory this November.

    Stock #1: Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC)

    Digital World is the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) looking to acquire Trump Media & Technology Group. The SEC has given the merger the greenlight after holding up the process for several years.

    To date, shares have already more than doubled on the news. But once the merger is completed, revenues could start pouring in for those looking for the current news on all things Trump.

    This stock could be a big winner here, given its small market cap, and the strong connection the company will have to Trump should he return to the White House.

    Stock #2: Fluor Corp (FLR)

    Engineering and construction company Flour benefitted during Trump’s first term, as they provided their knowledge for border construction activities. In a second term, things could get even better.

    That’s because Trump is a staunch supporter of reshoring supply chains and building in America again. Building advanced technologies such as semiconductor chips will require state-of-the-art facilities, where Flour can provide tremendous knowledge.

    Flour is already reporting a strong backlog for construction projects, particularly in the United States, but could see a hefty boost on a second Trump term.

    Stock #3: Axon Enterprise Inc (AXON)

    A manufacturer of products for law enforcement, Axon Enterprise has already seen its shares tick higher as Trump has dominated the primary season.

    Trump has been unabashedly pro-law enforcement, and Axon has already raised its revenue estimates for the year. As President, Trump could direct more resources to law enforcement at the federal, state, and local levels.

    Axon’s products include non-lethal incapacitation devices such as the Taser, as well as safety products such as body cams. The company is expanding into cloud-based software to improve body cam technology, which could be a source of tremendous revenue in the years ahead.

    Stock #4: Chevron Corp (CVX)

    Trump’s energy policy in his second term would mimic his first. Energy producers would be encouraged to drill as much oil as possible, with the goal of keeping prices low.

    As President, Trump approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to get oil from where it’s produced to where it’s used. Chevron’s large positioning in the U.S. energy market would make it one of the top winners from this trend.

    Plus, as energy prices have been volatile over the past few years, Chevron has adopted a conservative approach with its balance sheet, and has focused on projects with high prospective returns. The 4.3% dividend doesn’t hurt either.

    Stock #5: Wells Fargo & Co (WFC)

    As President, Trump pushed for the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low. That helped fuel the economy, and also demands for loans. That policy would likely appear in a second Trump term.

    However, for Wells Fargo, the bank would benefit from a heavy push for deregulation. The bank has just had regulatory oversight ended following its bogus account scandal, which was revealed in 2016.

    With Wells Fargo cleaning house and regulatory oversight ending, it has the best growth prospects of the major Wall Street banks. Wells could also move to increase its dividend yield from the current 2.4%, and increase share buybacks once there’s less regulatory oversight.

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