Stocks To Buy For A Ted Cruz Presidency

We are in the final months of the hotly contested Presidential race.  This historic election is different than any other that has come before it.  Social media and the connected generation has driven the hyperbole to feverish levels.   Throw in the wild card of showman extraordinaire and potential Republican nominee Donald Trump and it signals the most exciting and societal altering U.S. election of our lifetime. Investors need to be prepared for whatever happens in the election.  According to the rhetoric of all the candidates, significant changes no matter who wins the election are on the way. We have already dug deep ...
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The Right Way To Trend Follow

One of the primary truths in the stock market and in life is that the simple way is often the most effective.  This rule can be applied across nearly every endeavor that one may encounter during a lifetime of exploration. The stock market represents an ideal example of the simple is better rule.  Investors are constantly seeking more and more complicated ways to create profits in the stock market.  Some of these complicated methods actually work.  Advanced strategies such as high-frequency trading have proven to be very effective profit creating strategies.  Even with all the success of high-frequency trading, there is ...
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A Sneak Peak Inside Ray Dalio’s Portfolio

Following the lead of top investors is a time proven way to earn wealth in the financial markets.   The path to wealth in the markets is already well marked by the proven footsteps of great investors. One of the most iconic leading names in today’s financial market is a hedge fund manager named Ray Dalio.  The average investor may not have even heard of Mr. Dalio but he is a well-known figure in the hedge fund world. He has earned a place as one of the top 100 wealthiest investors on earth by managing the $140 billion Bridgewater Associates hedge fund. Bridgewater ...
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This Esoteric Indicator Can Earn You Big Profits

Technical analysis traders have many tools at their disposal to help make investing decisions.  There are common ones like Bollinger Bands, moving averages and price patterns.   In addition to these common tools there are an entire host of esoteric type technical tools like Gann Angles and the Ichimoku Cloud. This article will provide the basics about the powerful technical indicator known as the Ichimoku Cloud. I like the Cloud since it is a no nonsense indicator.  There is very little interpretation to using it. The Ichimoku Cloud, also known as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, appears to be very complicated at first glance by ...
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3 Must Own Stocks For A Hillary Clinton Presidency

It looks like the U.S. Presidential race will soon be narrowed to just two candidates.  All the blustery rhetoric, posturing, and challenges are finally coming to an end.  Provided no surprises, right now, it appears that the final election will consist of Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. I never remember this much passion and energy in a Presidential election.  The electorate are truly on fire and it’s a great thing to see! We already wrote about what to expect should Donald Trump become our next President. This article will explore what to expect should Hillary Clinton win the election and provide 3 stocks ...
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Options Trading For Income

Investors are anxiously seeking novel ways to ramp up their portfolio option trading for income in today’s ultra low rate environment. The most popular way to ramp up your income by using options is writing covered calls. Covered call writing means selling calls protected by stock held in your portfolio.  This is why the sold calls are referred to as covered since you already own the shares. How Does It Work? Remember how options work.  Purchasing one call option gives the buyer the right to buy one hundred shares of stock at a certain price called the strike price during a certain time frame. If ...
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Follow The Big Money Into The Best Trade of 2016

2016 has been brutal for many stocks.  A several thousand-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrials in January was followed by a brief rebound then another plunge to the lows.  Over the last several weeks, the overall stock market has battled back but remains substantially below the highs of 2015. However, there has been one financial sector that has been in a massive confirmed upward trend during this time frame.  In fact, it’s up over 37% this month alone! I am talking about oil prices. There is still time to jump on this trend for profits.  We have identified 3 ways stock traders ...
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Technical Analysis of Stocks – 5 Most Predictive Pattern

There is a tremendous amount of confusion among investors when it comes to technical analysis. Many investors are convinced that technical analysis of stocks simply does not work since they can’t seem to make a profit using it. Other investors swear by technical analysis’s ability to accurately call market moves in advance. What is the truth about technical analysis? The truth about technical analysis is somewhere in between the two extremes above.   Technical analysis does not predict the future with 100% accuracy.  This is the error many investors encounter when dealing with technical analysis.  Believing that a certain pattern or indicator can ...
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