Catch These Patterns for the Best Day Trading Profits

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  • Most chart patterns can appear over any timeframe. But a number of unusual-looking patterns often take place over a shorter period of time, such as a day or an hour, or even less.

    These patterns may not look like anything at first, compared to typical continuation or reversal patterns, but they can lead to powerful returns in a very short amount of time as they unfold.

    From the oft-occurring ABCD trade to the cup-and-handle to flag patterns, these trades are perfect for jumping in and out of stocks and foreign currencies in the span of a few hours.

    These patterns show what traders are doing in real time—and can give you a clue as to when more profits are expected, even if it looks like prices are starting to sag after a recent move.

    Finding and taking advantage of these patterns, despite how unusual they may look while they’re unfolding, are a great way to ensure you profit from your short-term trades.

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