Credit Card Firms Are Jumping into the Hottest Trend in Fintech

Fintech has been supplanting traditional sources of finance and lending in the past few years at a rapid rate. One of the fastest-growing subsets is the BNPL, or buy now, pay later service.

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  • Replacing layaway plans and traditional credit measures, the industry is adapting to the rapid growth of this niche, which went from $3 billion in 2019 to nearly $40 billion in 2020 just in the US alone.

    Now, Mastercard (MA) is looking to roll out Mastercard Installments, a BNPL service of its own that allows customers to pay back in weekly or monthly installments, including a 0 percent option for payments as short as a few weeks.

    The news come as shares of Mastercard have dropped about 13 percent off of their all-time highs over the past two months, and could prove a catalyst towards a resurgence in shares.

    Action to take: All the credit card companies operate in an oligopolistic environment with high profit margins, which makes them attractive following a drop. Investors who buy now are getting shares at 32 times forward earnings, the lowest valuation since the pandemic. Shares also yield about 0.5 percent.

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  • Traders may like the January $375 calls. They last went for about $11.00, and can likely deliver mid-to-high double-digit returns in the coming weeks on a rebound in shares, even if the overall stock market remains volatile.


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