Solid Earnings and Stimulus Prospects Make This Retailer a Buy Now

Markets continue to see some big moves in individual companies reporting earnings. Or, more accurately, in companies making announcements in conjunction with earnings.

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  • For instance, Walmart (WMT) reported solid earnings thanks to rising ecommerce sales, and boosted its share buyback program to $20 billion. Yet shares sold off anyway, as the firm came in light with guidance for the year ahead. It also didn’t help that the company announced a higher wage for 425,000 workers.

    The wage raise will increase the company’s average hourly rate to $15 per hour from $14. That’s about in line with what many politicians have been pushing for on the wage front. That level of a wage isn’t going to be a huge drag on the company’s bottom line, especially with its high sales numbers and increased ecommerce sales.

    That spells a trading opportunity in shares as the market realizes the company’s strengths are far outperforming a few items that may weigh on profitability in the short term.

    Action to take: The June $140 calls are an at-the-money trade that dropped 40 percent when shares dropped by 8 percent. Now trading at $7.65, they can likely rebound back into the low $10 range in a few weeks as the news shock wears off for shares and analysts focus on the company’s improving fundamentals (and share buyback).

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