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There are a lot of ways to make money in the market. But even if you find that rare company that can move ten-fold and provide one of the best profits of your lifetime, that will take time. Most investors get impatient. Trading Tips’ Andrew Packer explains why you should be looking at blue-chip bargains.


The Next Marijuana Industry Giant is Only 73 Cents a Share

Dear Reader,

I’ve recently uncovered a tiny 73-cent pot stock insiders are saying could soon become the biggest marijuana company in the world.

With each individual share currently trading for mere pennies, you can own a sizable block of 3,000… 4,000… even 5,000 shares starting with a small initial investment — as little as one month’s rent.

And if this tiny marijuana company grows even a modest amount…

Your big basket of shares could be worth millions.

For the best chance to turn a small investment into a fortune, I urge you to learn how to take a stake in this tiny 73-cent pot stock before June 27.

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Matt McCall
Editor, InvestorPlace Media

P.S. You can start with any amount you choose. With a stock price this low, even $20 could be life-changing.