The Crown Jewels in the Stock Market Kingdom

Companies come and go. The last component of the original Dow Jones Index, General Electric, got booted last year.

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  • But you could have been out of that name for far longer if you had followed a simple rule: Only invest in companies that deliver increasing income to shareholders every year by increasing their dividend.

    Following that rule would have gotten you out of a lot of stocks before they really took a dive—and kept you in some of the best wealth-building stocks of all time.

    In the end, researching the market for stocks that deliver great returns to investors over time will often come up with these same companies. After all, if they can keep paying more income out to shareholders every year for 15, 20, 25, or even 50 years (if not longer), they’re going to give you capital gains over time as well.

    Looking and analyzing these companies, and loading up your portfolio with them, reinvesting the dividends, and waiting out the market is a simple way to build a wealth-generating machine as if by magic. Knowing how to find these stocks unlocks some of the market’s best gems.

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