The One Surefire Pattern for Massive Declines

Tech stocks in 2000. Gold in 2011. Cryptocurrencies in 2017. Pot stocks in 2018.

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  • They all followed the same pattern.

    They had massive gains. They started from small rises, but over time, they started to rise at a faster and faster rate. Speculation and greed took over. Any attempt to curb prices on the way up were swamped with buy orders instead.

    Along the way, a parabolic chart pattern started to unfold. That’s a tough pattern to trade—once every investor who wants in has gotten in, early investors reap large rewards. Once sellers start to outweigh buyers, the prices deflate nearly as quickly as they rise. The 100, 200 or even 1,000 percent gains lead sharply and quickly to 60, 70, and 80 percent losses, mostly hurting folks chasing those returns near the top.

    Recognizing this pattern can unlock huge profits—and also give you a hint that you should take them off the table before they’re done.

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