The Tiny Biotech that Got Trump to Change the Law

The Tiny Biotech that Got Trump to
Change the Law

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On November 16, 2016, CBS News shocked the medical world when they reported on a tiny
biotech that restored blindness in mice.

The breakthrough was the first to reveal a revolutionary new treatment that could simply replace sick genes with healthy

Scientists called it “the most consequential discovery in medicine.”

They said it was “giving them power they could only imagine before.”

That’s because this new breakthrough can treat all 6,000 genetic diseases.

But scientists aren’t the only ones who see its true potential –

As the true power of this treatment comes into focus, it’s become a national security issue for us and our NATO allies.
And that’s what makes this breakthrough so unique:

It’s not just about money anymore – it’s about which country is going to lead in the future of medicine for the next 50

That’s the real reason President Trump signed “Executive Order 13771” just 10 days after taking office…

…for us to win the battle for the future, Trump had to reduce regulations at the FDA first.

This treatment will not just change medicine – it has the potential to eliminate genetic disease for our species.

And because of that, it’s going to create more millionaires than any other single breakthrough in history. More than 5G,
more than cannabis and more than the internet.

There’s a tiny biotech that won the patent on this breakthrough.

The current market capitalization is just $1.5 billion.

But analysts like Keith Speights experts expect it to soar to what Facebook is worth, or $1 Trillion, by 2021.

That’s because Wall Street sees the potential of Amgen.

Early investors in Amgen, one of the pioneers of biological medicine, earned as much as 46,751% on their money.

Our research proves that anyone who gets in today could turn every $1,000 into $1.57 million (or more)!

That’s if the company doesn’t get taken over for fast 300% gains first.

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