The World’s Most Valuable Brand Has Changed Again

For the first time in five years, Amazon (AMZN) isn’t the reigning global brand. Rather, the title is going back to a name that had it before.

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  • The company? Apple (AAPL). It’s the ultimate consumer tech play. While the company can be derided for coming up with small improvements in its tech every year, a rabid fan base and a growing services division continues to reward shareholders.

    The company’s increased investment in streaming, electric cars, and other trends have already allowed it to become the first U.S. company to hit a $2 trillion market cap.

    With growing revenues and cash flows, it’s clear why the company can pay a solid dividend and didn’t have to slow down its share buybacks during a pandemic. The fact that the company has retaken the mantle of world’s most valuable brand is no surprise.

    Action to take: The July 2021 $150 calls, trading for about $13.45 before trading closed ahead of the company’s latest earnings report, looks like a good bet here. No matter how shares bounce around during earnings, the company is in a long-term uptrend. Shares are a little high-priced in terms of valuation, but will likely continue to trend higher as investors look to park their profits elsewhere in a quality name.

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