Unusual Options Activity: Microsoft (MSFT)

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  • Tech giant Microsoft (MSFT) has had a solid year. One trader sees shares surging even higher. That’s based on the February 2021 $242.50 calls. With shares right around $225, that’s a bet that the stock will gain another 7.7 percent in the next seven weeks.

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  • The option saw over 6,570 contracts trade compared to a prior open interest of 100, a 66-fold surge in volume. The trader paid about $2.67 for the option.

    Shares of the company rose 40 percent over the past year, as work-from-home trends benefitted the company’s suite of services. Its latest video game console is selling well during the holiday season, which may give an extra boost in the coming weeks.

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    The company is still relatively undervalued to other big-tech names, particularly those that have the FAANG designation. Shares also offer a 1 percent dividend yield at current prices. While not huge, the company has been growing it in recent years. And shares are still off their all-time highs set back in early September.

    Action to take: The February options should perform well as long as the current uptrend continues. Shares may even move in-the-money. Traders have an inexpensive way to profit from the company’s likely move higher in the coming weeks with this trade, which makes it look attractive.

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