Unusual Options Activity: Snapchat (SNAP)

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  • Traders bet on rise in social media company.

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  • A bullish bet is being made that shares of Snapchat (SNAP) will continue to rally in the next few weeks.

    On Thursday, over 11,700 contracts of the July 12th $15.50 call options contracts had been traded, against an open interest of 106, representing a 110-fold surge in volume. This bet, with shares currently at $14.70, implies that shares will rally by at least 5.4 percent in the next month.

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    Shares of the social media giant have been rallying in recent weeks along with the rest of the market. Shares hit a 52-week high of $15 per share in trading on Thursday. Operationally, the company has struggled in the past year amidst a slowdown in user growth, but has been working on ways to increase user time on the Snap app.

    Action to take: With the contracts trading around $0.38, this is an inexpensive bet on Snapchat shares heading higher—and an inexpensive trade to bet on an overall market rally as well.

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  • It could easily double in price, although if shares of Snapchat fail to clear the strike price of $15.50, the option will go to zero. With only 22 days left to expiration, however, traders may want to pay a bit more to get a January 2020 or later option to follow this trade.