Unusual Options Activity: UBS Group AG (UBS)

Shares of megabank UBS Group AG (UBS) have been trending higher the past year, with a few sizeable drops during periods of market fears. One trader sees the possibility for another such drop in the next few months.

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  • That’s based on the February $12.50 puts. With 143 days left on the trade, over 6,025 contracts traded, a 54-fold jump in volume from the prior open interest of 112. The buyer of the puts paid $0.25 to make the trade.

    With shares currently in the high $15 range, it would take a drop of over 22 percent for the option to move in-the-money. Such a move is big, but during a market crisis, any bank stock tends to face a big drop.

    The Swiss bank looks reasonably valued here, trading at less than 9 times forward earnings and right around book value. And even with recent volatility, shares are up 43 percent in the past year.

    Action to take: While the Evergrande implosion in China led to a slight drop in shares lately, the possibility of a US debt default is rising in the coming weeks. That points to a potential for some more market volatility, including a few large down days in the weeks ahead.

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  • That makes these puts a reasonable hedge against the rest of the overall market in the coming weeks. They’re inexpensive, and can likely be closed out as soon as any debt-ceiling deal is reached, well before they expire.


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