Why this Retail Apparel Company May Have its Best Days Ahead

It’s been a tough year for retailers, as pandemic shutdowns have kept down physical, in-store traffic. While many have shifted online, a few retailers have struggled. However, with a growing overseas presence, a strong e-commerce platform, and an increasing range of products, one company already looks like a standout.

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  • That’s why shares just got an upgrade from Bank of America even after the stock has had a great run this year.

    The company? Lululemon Athletica (LULU). Shares are up a staggering 71 percent this year, and the company has seen its earnings increase as stay-at-home trends have benefitted athletic wear.

    While earnings overall are down, the company has a strong cash position with less than $300 million in total debt against its $80 billion market cap. Most retailers get into trouble when they have too much debt and not enough cash flow. And the company looks set to continue expanding at a 40 percent rate through 2024.

    Action to take: Shares are a bit expensive at 70 times forward earnings, so this is the kind of company that’s better to trade on a pullback. The recent drop took shares from an all-time high near $400 down to $330 today. The January 2021 $400 calls look like the best way to play a rebound into the end of the year, at a low price around $11.55 per option.

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