With Buy Today Sell Tomorrow you’ll get:

  • A two-day method of investing that trumps just about anything you’ve ever used before. If you want a quick turnaround, and the profits to match, this short-term profit magnet is just what you’re looking for.
  • An advisory that does ALL of the work for you. If you can read an email and follow simple trading instructions, you can make money almost every day the markets are open.
  • The “central trading strategy” that will give you the ability to profit whether the markets are shooting up or tanking.
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"Made a thousand dollars after
tradingfees for just that trade
alone on that day"

"This is Susan from Seattle. I joined Morning Hours Trading after trying First Hour Trading. I realized that Morning Hours was a better fit. Bob’s style is great. He gives you the trades and then helps you understand why the trade went the way that it did.

To further teach, he creates charts within a day of some of his selected trades to further teach the art of trading which he knows so well.

Under Bob’s guidance I have easily averaged a strong one percent. After watching other traders in the room, I have found a few stocks that I trade without Bob’s guidance. I’ve been successful at that using all of the tools that he has taught me.

It’s a bonus if Bob lists my favorite stocks on the Daily Gap Up, Gap Down list. He will frequently give updates on them as well.

As an example, a recent trade was LVS where Bob called the gap and bought them around 17.05. I bought it at 17.08 and sold it at 17.42. Since LVS is one of my favorites, and Bob was involved, I bought more than my usual amount of equity and made a thousand dollars after trading fees for just that trade alone on that day.

I would eagerly recommend this system to someone who is willing to listen, learn, and do some homework.

Since I’m so happy with Morning Hours Trading, I’ve also joined Last Hour Trading. I’ve found that to be a great system for me as well."



"Two days ago I made $450"

"I've been watching this system for the past 30 days, and just started to get after this week... It's been remarkable in that two days ago I made $450. And I'm very conservative, by nature. I didn't buy a lot of shares I bought 200 shares.

And then the day before yesterday I made $325. It's just been good. I recently retired from teaching and teachers don't make a ton of money... I just want to be able to make some money now that I'm retired. Be able to help my kids... my grandkids... And do some investing in some other young people's lives.

Thanks for this opportunity, and I appreciate it."