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"The last 22 trading days I've only
had one down day"

"I’ve been with MHT trading live since about October. I originally started off with First Hour Trading. I was very new to trading. I knew a little bit about it, basically buy low, sell high. I didn’t know much about reading charts so I found that was too fast for me so I moved over to Morning Hours Trading.

I had mixed results from the beginning which I expected being new, but ever since it’s been slowly growing and getting better and better. Chart reading has gone up tremendously since I first started.

Results now are very good, especially in the last month. Considering I was unemployed before this – I was self-employed my whole life as a contractor and due to injury I was forced out of that and had taken a sales job after that and due to the economy became unemployed from that position so I decided to give trading a try. I think it’s going to work out.

The last 22 trading days I’ve only had one down day with an average return of 3.28% per day over that time. Things are looking pretty good this last month and I think I’m going to be able to continue doing this in the future as I continue to gain more and more confidence.

The room itself is great. Bob is very knowledgeable. His chart reading, and his annotated charts make it very easy to follow. It gives you confidence to be able to do it yourself and really understand what he is looking at, which is how I really started to grow my trading in the last month. I’m becoming confident in my own calls.

I find myself making my own calls and then five seconds or five minutes later Bob will make the same call to get in the same stock, so I know I’m going the right direction if I’m actually going through his list of stocks and picking out a stock to go in a certain position and he gets in seconds later making the same exact call.

As far as that goes, yeah, it’s going great. I look forward to continuing it in the future. Thank you."


"I made $216 today"

"I just wanted to let you know that I made $216 today on BTST for your recommendation. Thanks a lot! And keep up the good work!