Day Trading Pro will…

  • Give you a strategy to crush the morning markets for the largest profits possible.
  • Do ALL of the technical and fundamental analysis of stocks FOR you… you just sit back, take action, and rake in all the potential profits.
  • Give you a daily list of stocks to trade. These are stocks from which you can pick and choose (or trade them all) in order to give yourself the best chance of nailing down the market’s biggest winners.
  • Hand you specific exit and entry points on each trade. There’s no guesswork here. We do all of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Explain each trade in full. You have the chance to become a better trader almost overnight, and Day Trading Pro’s goal is to help you get there.
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"I usually make between $500 and
$700 a day"

"Before Morning Hours Trading I focused on technicals and usually bought on dips trying to predict the market. I’ve come to realize that that never works.

My biggest mistake was not knowing when to exit a trade. With Morning Hours Trading I now trade a completely different way.

The contents and membership kit is priceless. I now watch four to five indicators which tell me when to enter and exit a trade. I have a one to three percent goal for profits and never more than a one percent loss. I’ll sometimes exit that trade before the one percent loss because the indicators tell me to do so.

I now trade anywhere from two to four hours every day. I usually make between $500 and $700 a day; thank you."



"I have been using BTST since it
began. And I really love it."

"I have been using BTST since it began. And I really love it. I like the flexibility and not depending on the pattern day trading conditions. I also like how Adam plays the ETFs. And finally I love the daily analysis he posts on the site. I use that as a strong signal of the direction the market will go. And I really appreciate the items there.

I do not enter every single trade... I enter about 80% of what he sends. Meaning about four trades every week. And out of those I get a profit in about 80% of them. So that's pretty good. Thank you very much, Adam. I look forward to being a member of the service for a long time."