Find the Toll Bridge Investment for this High-Tech Sector

One simple way to find excellent investment prospects is to look for a company that’s the equivalent of a toll bridge spanning a river. If someone wants to cross, they have to pay a toll. The alternative may be to go to another point, costing time and distance far in excess of the toll.

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  • These “toll booth” opportunities tend to reward investors disproportionately thanks to this built-in advantage that they have.

    Nearly every investment sector can have a toll-bridge opportunity, if you know where to look.

    As news unfolds about the 5G network, and as companies position themselves with shifting alliances like something out of an episode of Game of Thrones, a toll booth opportunity exists as well.

    That opportunity is with cell tower companies. These companies are all structured as REITS, to reflect the fact that they have a physical presence in the real world. Without cell towers and repeaters, the cell phone connectivity that we take for granted simply wouldn’t exist.

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  • While these companies may not pay the high dividends compared to other REITs, they do have much bigger growth opportunities. As the 5G network rolls out, they’ll act as that all-important toll bridge between someone’s cell phone and the network itself. That’s a powerful position, and one that can’t be easily replaced.

    This new battleground sector is ripe for profit. But only one area offers the best prospect for consistent, high-margin profits for investors going forward.

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