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About GoSector

There are nine major sector ETFs that track the performance of their respective industries within the S&P 500. Each week GoSector’s strategy selects three sectors that are most likely to outperform the market, giving you that extra return with little additional risk. Since 2011, GoSector’s average return was 5% above the S&P 500. Additionally its Alpha indicator prevented significant downfalls during the financial crisis by recommending when to invest and when to liquidate all your positions. Our most recent update now includes weekly author commentary regarding the short term and long term S&P500 and Nasdaq outlook (view example)

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GoSector powered by AlphaAssetAllocation analyses the financial markets on a weekly basis in order to identify the top sectors expected to have the highest return. These ETF picks are delivered to your inbox by 8:30 AM EST every Monday and enable you to leverage years of quant research to your advantage.

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    Trading costs are included and calculated based on regular Interactive Brokers trade fees.


  • Personal Support

  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Sector Rotation

  • Picks per Week

  • US Sector ETFs

About GoSector

Welcome to GoSector, an investment service that helps you outperform the market. We utilize top-down analysis of the equity market and sectors using adaptive quantitative methods, mainly focusing on a combination of sector rotation and market timing models. The strategy we employ was rigorously tested and engineered to outperform the stock market on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.

Sectors historically follow market patterns more consistently than single assets such as stocks, commodities, currencies etc. This is the reason why many sector rotation strategies have a long history of outperforming the market. Our investment strategy algorithm identifies the three sectors with favorable trends on a weekly basis, and adjusts the portfolio accordingly. On average, one sector is swapped in/out of the portfolio every two months.

The sector rotation model is designed to capitalize on risk-adjusted momentum and trend consistency. Generally, business activity changes during different phases of the business cycle for companies translate to more revenue, which results in changing profitability of sectors. This is correlated with factors such as seasons, holidays, market movement and monetary policy. With this logic, one can use the right model to find top-performing sectors; however, it is important to understand that the market’s cyclical model (used by many sector rotation strategies) gives the theoretical explanation of the market environment that drives long trends in sectors, but lacks the flexibility and accuracy required for real investing.

GoSector is focused on finding the leading sectors rather than pinpointing the phase of the market at a given point. The long-term market timing model is expressed as our Alpha indicator; its goal is to reduce portfolio risk by allocating to low-risk assets, such as bonds, during bear equity market conditions. Also included, is a bonus short term indicator which represents the market outlook for the upcoming week.

Sector ETFs offer low trading costs combined with a low spread. This and the low trade frequency make GoSector extremely easy and low-cost to implement, while still remaining very efficient and profitable.

Newsletter Example

Below is an example of the original newsletter our subscribers received on February 22nd, 2016 prior to market open. At the top is the current market state analysis by AlphaAssetAllocation which gets updated every week. The model at the time advised to lower exposure to equities as both the long term and short term outlook was bearish. However, the three select sectors are always presented and as the previous week’s report shows XLF, XLV, and XLY outperformed that market by 0.14%. In the week to follow the newsletter the three ETF’s would again outperform the market by an average of 0.58%.

Saved Me

January 3, 2016

4.8 /5

Thank you for this very clear and strait forward newsletter. The market coverage makes all the difference, knowing when to exit completely saved me this January.

Fred S.

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Value for Money

Transparent & Trustworthy

March 18, 2015

4.5 /5

Actual transperency for a change. Every week I get a performance update with no hidden or manipulated figures.

Jake K.

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Value for Money

Most Advanced Sector Rotation Model

May 11, 2017

4.6 /5

This model is by far the most advanced sector rotation strategy avaiable to private investors. It takes everything from interest rates, currency and commodities into account.

Oliver B.

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At we make sure that you get the most out of GoSector’s features and maximize your trading potential. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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GoSector subscribers are protected by the TradingTips cancel anytime guarantee. Not satisfied? Monthly subscribers can cancel anytime and quarterly subscribers can always receive a full refund on the balance

How do I receive the weekly picks?

The weekly sector ETF pick and market on/off indicator are sent via email in the form of a newsletter at 8:00 AM EST every Monday.

Where do I buy sector ETFs?

These are very large ETFs with a high trading volume. You can trade them through any major broker in the same way you would buy and sell stocks. Select sector SPDRs specifically are traded on the NYSE Arca, if you are confused with this please contact our support team.

On what data is the model based?

The strategy uses the TipRanks financial data engine to rank the sectors based on the sentiments of their underlying assets.

Can I contact you for questions?

Yes, the strategy has a personal support email address for its subscribers. An analyst specializing in the model can answer all questions regarding the service and strategy.

What does “risk free” mean?

All audited newsletters are protected by a TradingTips cancel anytime guarantee. If you wish to discontinue the service simply email [email protected] and you will have your auto-renewal cancelled immediately, no questions asked. Please see our terms & conditions to learn more about our commitment and user protection policy.

Is this strategy suitable for beginners as well?

Sector rotation is a very simple strategy to implement. You only have to replace one sector ETF with another about once a month.

GoSector is Powered by the Multi Award Winning TipRanks Algorithm

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