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"I just started trading...
have made over $6,000"

"I just started trading through the Morning Hours Trading, and I just calculated my trades. I have been going very conservative, not taking every trade just doing a little bit. It looks like I’ve made 25 trades so far. I’ve only had three losses and have made over $6,000 just since the first of the year, and I don’t even have a real trading system yet.

I’ve just been kind of following and watching and seeing how the trades have been going, and so far it’s been wonderful. The percentages are incredibly high, taking $100, $200, $300, $1000 on a couple of trades. It’s going extremely well and I’m very pleased and I just wanted to leave my mention of how well it’s been going. It’s pretty unbelievable really. Thanks."



"90% of the time his trades are right on"

"I signed up for BTST as soon as I saw the program come out. I really like the late-day trade. And with this service, 90% of the time, I'm guaranteed a late-day trade that I like, that I agree with... that I think is really going to do well.

For instance, yesterday's trade with Ciena. So I bought a couple thousand shares, and held it overnight. And when that market opened, BAM, up!

And I got to agree that maybe 90% of the time his trades are right on. Certainly there's some times I don't agree... Better safe than sorry. I've had a better track record with BTST than with any of the services that Manny offers.

I've been very happy with this service, and I've been a subscriber since day one... And have no intention of ever leaving it. Money well spent. Thank you so much. I really enjoy it. And thank you Adam Gabriel, Manny, Bob Joiner, AJ and all the gang down there."