With Options Insider you’ll get:

  • Each week Tim Biggam will send you 3 to 5 profit flare recommendations based off of unusual options activity he’s been monitoring in the market. These alerts can arrive any time during trading hours, so make sure you’re monitoring your email throughout the day.
  • Tim uses his top level technology to distill over 100 of these daily UOA events down to the absolute best 3 to 5 each week. This handful of recommendations represents the safest and most reliable opportunities you can find to follow the signals top insiders are sending up about a company’s short term prospects.
  • Just as he’ll send you an email alert when a recommendation is made, Tim will also send an alert when it’s time to close the
    recommendation for maximum potential gains. He’ll also contact you throughout the course of the trade with any news that could affect your profits.
  • At the end of each week, Tim will send you a video recap of that week’s UOA and the profit flare opportunities it produced. He’ll also update you on any active
    recommendations and detail a plan of attack for the coming week.
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