Scott from Chicago, Illinois


…month over month, I’m averaging 30%”

“I can’t say enough about Adam. He has an uncanny ability to pick the winners from the night before. Unbelievably, month over month, I’m averaging 30%. I have enough faith in him I will continue to do the same. Adam, thank you! It’s been great!”

"This is John from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve made 40 days worth of trades; this is the end of August. I’ve had 30 days of plus where I had $10,282 for an average gain of $343... I want to thank you."


"I’m going to stick with this, because it looks like over the long haul, it’s going to make me some money. And with more equity, I’ll put more into it, and keep the ball rolling!"


"On those stocks, I’ve earned $1,500 so far. I’m extremely pleased with the trading system. I especially like the fact that I get a text message on my cell phone when it’s time to make a trade. I think it’s a worthwhile product. I look forward to many more years with profit in this area. Thank you."


[sc_embed_player fileurl="../wp-content/themes/accesspress-child/blog-audio/jimmy-voice.mp3"]Voice from, Jimmy

"Hi. My name is Jimmy Quinones. I live in Miami and I met this system a couple of weeks ago. I've done pretty well. In the last week that just passed I made about $3,000 and something. I am new in trading so I'm very impressed.

I'm very impressed as well with this service. The chatting service is very nice. You know, the people are very friendly and I'm having a very good time and I think $3,000 in a week for a new person like me is really, really good. Thank you for the chance. I hope you’re staying for a long time, Manny."


[sc_embed_player fileurl="../wp-content/themes/accesspress-child/blog-audio/Nilan-voice.mp3"]Voice from, Nilan

"Hi Manny. This is Nilan from Toronto. I joined just last Tuesday and I’m very happy to say I’m about $500 in the money just with two days of trading. The third day,mybroker made an error.I actually missed out on it, but I could bet you it could have been easily another $700. But we can’t judge what happens.

So far, it’s been a great ride. I do appreciate your help. I thought I was a pretty decent investor until I saw your alertsand all that. They were bang on, and your advice is perfectly in the money.So thank you very much, and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come. Thank you very much again. Bye-bye."



"...a $9.00 stock and I sold it for
$9.57 within about half-an-hour"

"I have been a member of Morning Hour’s Trading since the beginning. I was a beta tester. I’ve been with them almost nine-and-a-half or ten months now. I think it’s one of the best chat rooms and investment areas you could possibly run. I have been very successful in it, and and I have been able to maintain a country club membership as well as have a couple of very, very nice vacations, one overseas to Italy for 16 days, all due to the guidance and help that Bob gives us in the chat room.

The chat room is one of the best places to be because it not only is fun listening to Bob’s advice and help, but other members in the chat room are so willing to give their experience and help you out in that area.

If you want to learn to trade on your own you definitely need to be a part of the Morning Hour’s Training chat room for at least part of your trading life. Not only does Bob Joiner, the narrator and mentor of the chat room give us the stocks that we gap – if it’s a gap only type deal where the stocks that go up or go down, they’re called a gap stocks and when you play the delta then it changes, and Bob is extremely good at helping guide you through those trades.

Just the other day I had a trade where I made $.57 in matter of about 30 minutes on a 2000 trade deal. It was a $9.00 stock and I sold it for $9.57 within about half-an-hour and I made a little over six percent on the money. It was a very nice six percent. I was into the thing pretty heavy.

Bob is actually a very good mentor. He helps guide and keeps you posted on what is going on. If he makes the trade and it doesn’t go right, he tells you when to get out or starts advising you to think about when to get out. Ultimately, as in everything that you do, you’re responsible for yourself, but with Bob’s guidance the Morning Hour Trading System is one of the best places I’ve ever been a part of.

I’ve been very successful at it. I highly recommend it for everybody that is learning to trade. The pace is much better than a quickie that you can never catch up with. It’s a good, steady, all-morning long chat room learning experience.

Also, one of the nice things about it is the chat room stays open after Bob leaves at 12:30pm. All the traders advise each other amongst us, and we give stock picks and we help each other out and we answer questions, and we help set up computer systems; the whole nine yards. It is a wonderful chat room. I highly recommend it for anybody who is serious about day trading and wants to make money."



"I am making about 15% per month
on net gains"

"I was using an e-mail alert service from a different company, but the results I was getting were not that great. Then I came across Morning Hours Trading. After going through the training DVD and watching Bob’s trades for a while, I had a completely new view of trading.

I’m still new to day trading but I have learned so much in his chat room starting with Bob’s commentary, the daily charts, and also with the other traders in the room. For someone that has just started I am getting really great results. I am making about 15% per month on net gains.

These services are must-have for anyone who wants to make money with day trading."



"The last 22 trading days I've only
had one down day"

"I’ve been with MHT trading live since about October. I originally started off with First Hour Trading. I was very new to trading. I knew a little bit about it, basically buy low, sell high. I didn’t know much about reading charts so I found that was too fast for me so I moved over to Morning Hours Trading.

I had mixed results from the beginning which I expected being new, but ever since it’s been slowly growing and getting better and better. Chart reading has gone up tremendously since I first started.

Results now are very good, especially in the last month. Considering I was unemployed before this – I was self-employed my whole life as a contractor and due to injury I was forced out of that and had taken a sales job after that and due to the economy became unemployed from that position so I decided to give trading a try. I think it’s going to work out.

The last 22 trading days I’ve only had one down day with an average return of 3.28% per day over that time. Things are looking pretty good this last month and I think I’m going to be able to continue doing this in the future as I continue to gain more and more confidence.

The room itself is great. Bob is very knowledgeable. His chart reading, and his annotated charts make it very easy to follow. It gives you confidence to be able to do it yourself and really understand what he is looking at, which is how I really started to grow my trading in the last month. I’m becoming confident in my own calls.

I find myself making my own calls and then five seconds or five minutes later Bob will make the same call to get in the same stock, so I know I’m going the right direction if I’m actually going through his list of stocks and picking out a stock to go in a certain position and he gets in seconds later making the same exact call.

As far as that goes, yeah, it’s going great. I look forward to continuing it in the future. Thank you."



"I'm grateful to you guys for giving
me the opportunity to finally, finally,
make some money"

"Two years ago I started learning how to trade stock to earn some additional money for my retirement. Those years were not pleasant. In order to minimize losses I signed up on all kinds of supporting seminars and Webinars. You just name it. It cost me lots of money; and yet I had a hard time – I was losing more and more with the erratic market.

Finally, by accident, I found out about Manny’s Morning Hours Trading. After one week of watching and trading on paper, I started trading. It was a steady improvement from point five percent to three percent in a day. There was even one day when I made a ten percent. I was in heaven. Yes, there are days of not trading at all.

I have to thank Bob for his steady hand and willingness to share some positive trades. I’m grateful to you guys for giving me the opportunity to finally, finally, make some money. It’s not much – three or four hundred dollars a day; but guess what? It helps. Thank you very much, fellas. Good luck. Thank you."



"Since I joined MHT I've probably
improved by about 40%"

"Before MHT I was getting most of my trading information from the news and Scottrade searches. I’d pick up some down stocks and hope that they would go up.

Since I joined MHT I’ve probably improved by about 40%. When I lose it’s usually on my own trades. I make extra money on some of the stocks that are on the Gap Up and Gap Down list, even though Bob doesn’t choose them to trade with. These stocks give me new ideas and a better possibility for greater profits.

I also learned a lot from the chat room from other people that are in it. I’ve gained some income from some of their choices. Thank you."



"It's very easy to get in...very easy
to get out (of the trades) "

"I’m very excited about the system that you’ve got here, Bob. I’m just a newbie that started today. I’ve watched you take out profits AAP, as well as FAS. And very concise instructions; it’s very easy to get in and build on my demo account. It’s very easy to get out. What I like is that you also give a target and a stop.

In my demo I got out half the way from your target; made some profits. I just wanted to say, “Thank you, Bob” because this could really change my life. It means a lot to me that this system is out there and you do have feedback.

Another thing that I really like about your thing is that you have a system on the right where people can ask questions. I put a couple of questions in there and you answered them. Other people were answering pretty good questions. It was easy to follow. Once again, thank you very much."



I was ecstatic thinking, "Man, this is

"I’ve been a MHT member for about three months now. Before finding Morning Hours Trading I was strictly buying stocks for the long-term; holding on for a long time.

I did make some decent returns on my investments until “The Big Fall in 2008.” Everyone knows about that.

I started saying to myself, “Oh, my stocks will come back; they always do.”

I slowly watched all of my profits and principal start to wither away. I really didn’t know what I should do, “Should I get out? Should I stay? Should I buy more?”

Over time I did see some of my stocks come back; but I was nowhere near returning to the value that I once had. I was down over 50%. I probably came back about 30%, so I’m still way down. Unfortunately with that comes lack of confidence. I became gun shy to get back into the market and reluctant to put any new money in.

As I watched stocks go up and down every day and week, listened to my brother, I knew that there had to be a way to profit from this up and down cycle. I didn’t understand why stock moved up and down; didn’t understand the charts very good. When I did start getting back in, I was always picking the tops and selling at the bottoms. It was a pretty bad entry points. That’s when I joined the Morning Hours Trading. The system seems simple enough – just follow Bob and get in when he did and get out when the targets are met. I liked that idea.

At first, though, man, I was scared; this is real money. I was playing with the stocks. Every now and then I’d play a stock. I did okay; had a few losses and some gains; but mostly I just watched, listened, and learned. I’ve been watching everybody entering the trades. Everybody would make their posts – when their targets were met I could sense their enthusiasm in their posts. It got my confidence back and I started playing a little bit more.

I was just hoping, “Hey, if I could make any kind of profit, I’d be happy.” Then as I started learning Bob’s system even better, I started gaining a better understanding of when a stock was ready to move up or down.

As I said, my first profits were small – real small. However, my last two trades have now been my best. I’ve made about 2.52% on CENX and 1.76% on FNSR – that’s Finisar. Each one of those trades only lasted about a minute; so, needless to say, I was ecstatic thinking, “Man, this is cool.”

My confidence started increasing. It’s exciting to watch everybody else trade, too; to watch and learn. How everybody interacts in a chat room – everybody’s been extremely helpful. That’s one of the great things in there. They are able to keep you encouraged when you’re making bad trades or don’t quite understand something. Everybody is more than happy to pitch in and offer advice. They will also even let you know what stocks they are playing – regular ones that they play; what they’ve been getting in or just now getting in. They encourage everybody else, “Go ahead, and jump on the band wagon.”

I want to say that this service has just been tremendous for me. My profits have not been near what I know that they will be; but my confidence is the biggest thing that I needed to get back first. If you don’t have any confidence in your trading, you’re going to make bad trades. Now I feel more confident that the trades that I am entering – when I am entering – I’m getting in at a good price.

If it goes against me, it’s okay. Sometimes that’ll happen. Everybody’s encouraging on there. We just work the plan and the plan works.

Bob and Manny, I appreciate your service. It’s been invaluable to me. I can now trade with knowledge and confidence, which will only increase my profits every time. Thanks."



"I've profited on every one (trade)
I've made"

"I'm really enjoying this trial subscription to Wealthpire and your BTST program. First of all, I love the idea of not keeping my funds tied up for months and months.

And so far, for your advisories, you've hit it right on the head. I've profited on every one I've made. Thank you. I think I'm going to continue with you"



"90% of the time his trades are right on"

"I signed up for BTST as soon as I saw the program come out. I really like the late-day trade. And with this service, 90% of the time, I'm guaranteed a late-day trade that I like, that I agree with... that I think is really going to do well.

For instance, yesterday's trade with Ciena. So I bought a couple thousand shares, and held it overnight. And when that market opened, BAM, up!

And I got to agree that maybe 90% of the time his trades are right on. Certainly there's some times I don't agree... Better safe than sorry. I've had a better track record with BTST than with any of the services that Manny offers.

I've been very happy with this service, and I've been a subscriber since day one... And have no intention of ever leaving it. Money well spent. Thank you so much. I really enjoy it. And thank you Adam Gabriel, Manny, Bob Joiner, AJ and all the gang down there."



"In the 3 week period... I've seen
gains of over 18%"

"I've been using Wealthpire for a couple years, and am grateful to Manny for the many programs he has to offer. Recently however, I failed to put stop-losses on a couple of my day-trading stocks, and my account dipped below $25,000. Wanting to day-trade again, I didn't know what to do because I needed at least $25,000 in my account to day-trade.

When Wealthpire introduced BTST, I figured this was just what I needed. I followed Adam Gabriel's picks for a 3 week period, and it's amazing how, in this volatile market he can pick winners. In the 3 week period... I've seen gains of over 18%.

The BTST system is easy to use. Adam selects just one stock, purchases it at 5 minutes before the close for the day... And the next morning when it gaps up, you have your profit

Of course, Adam doesn't have 100% accuracy. But what I've kept track of, Adam has had winners for 4 of every 5 days for the trading period I participated in. I'll continue to use BTST as Adam continues to be overwhelmingly successful for a novice trader like me."


"I couldn’t be happier. I want to thank you on behalf of my family and myself, and my goal is $10,000 a month by the end of the year. I’m well on track with that with you and your mentorship. Hopefully by January, I’ll be doing this full-time.

I just wanted to say thank you. You’ve changed my life,thanks a lot. God bless. Bye.”


[sc_embed_player fileurl="../wp-content/themes/accesspress-child/blog-audio/Denny-voice.mp3"]Voice from, Denny

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great trade today, Manny. It was a classic. In 12 minutes I netted $745 and was right on the money. Thank you much. Keep calling them. Bye now.”


[sc_embed_player fileurl="../wp-content/themes/accesspress-child/blog-audio/Robert-fort-worth-texas.mp3"]Voice from, Robert

“First Hour Trading is great. I really love the service. Get in at 9:30 and the longest day you ever have to spend you're out at 10:30. The takes are usually fantastic, 60% to 70% win ratio I believe, cut our losses, short, quick, and let the winnings ride. It's a great service. Thank you.”



"I just started trading...
have made over $6,000"

"I just started trading through the Morning Hours Trading, and I just calculated my trades. I have been going very conservative, not taking every trade just doing a little bit. It looks like I’ve made 25 trades so far. I’ve only had three losses and have made over $6,000 just since the first of the year, and I don’t even have a real trading system yet.

I’ve just been kind of following and watching and seeing how the trades have been going, and so far it’s been wonderful. The percentages are incredibly high, taking $100, $200, $300, $1000 on a couple of trades. It’s going extremely well and I’m very pleased and I just wanted to leave my mention of how well it’s been going. It’s pretty unbelievable really. Thanks."



"I’ve made about $3,000 a month
withjust putting in about 1 ½ hours
each day"

"I’m calling to talk about my experience with the Morning Hours Trading. I started in December of 2009 and have been able to trade for about two days a week. I’m going into my third month, and it’s been a great experience. I’ve made about $3,000 a month with just putting in about 1 ½ hours each day. Because of my work schedule I’m very limited.

I’m fast approaching the realization that if I continue with this I can surpass my daytime job."



"He provides charts so we can see
why he actually made the picks"

"I just wanted to call and give my great testimonial on Bob’s services.

I started trading about a year or so ago when most of my portfolios had lost nearly half their value. I thought since the professionals can lose my money, I might as well try it on my own.

I started trading and picking stocks by basically just guessing at them, so needless to say I lost a lot of money doing that. I pulled back and started to research some of the experts in the field, some people who have been in this industry longer than I have, and that’s when I stumbled upon Bob.

Since then I have been averaging about two percent a day, which has been awesome, meaning that I have not been in the field for long so that’s really an awesome return.

Also, Bob provides an excellent education by making comments on his picks. He provides charts so we can see why he actually made the picks he did on a previous day, which had given me a great education and is much better than going to any classes or any seminars.

I just wanted to call and thank Bob for his great services."



"Being a member, I now do not
have the pressure of looking for
outside employment"

"I lost my job about one year ago. Since the job market was so difficult, I decided to trade stocks.

About nine months ago I was somewhat successful; but I didn’t understand the market’s fluctuations. Then I stumbled onto Manny Backus and that’s when my life changed.

Day trading appealed to me. I’ve been with First Hour Trading about five months now. At first I paper traded with Manny to understand his way of Day Trading. Then I took the plunge.

At first I really didn’t do that well because I didn’t execute stop orders properly; but watching Manny helped me greatly.

Along with First Hour Trading I then decided to join Morning Hour Trading; then later Last Hour Trading.

Belonging to Manny’s chat rooms, which range from the high volatility First Hour Trading to the more deliberate Morning Hour Trading; then to the laid back Last Hour Trading; Manny has designed a program to fit your personality.

Being a member, I now do not have the pressure of looking for outside employment. I can now make a living, meet my expenses, stay home with my wife and kids, and enjoy day trading by making an average of one to two percent daily on my trades.

Trading on my own was a lonely, and sometimes frightful, living event; but now with the chat rooms and goal of each member to help each one make successful trades, I’m so glad to be a part of this. I highly recommend any of Manny’s chat rooms for successful trading. Thank you."



"I usually make between $500 and
$700 a day"

"Before Morning Hours Trading I focused on technicals and usually bought on dips trying to predict the market. I’ve come to realize that that never works.

My biggest mistake was not knowing when to exit a trade. With Morning Hours Trading I now trade a completely different way.

The contents and membership kit is priceless. I now watch four to five indicators which tell me when to enter and exit a trade. I have a one to three percent goal for profits and never more than a one percent loss. I’ll sometimes exit that trade before the one percent loss because the indicators tell me to do so.

I now trade anywhere from two to four hours every day. I usually make between $500 and $700 a day; thank you."



"I (have) been able to replace the
income of my job"

"This is Mark. I’m also known as Meerkat Trader, from Ohio.

I started with the early morning trading in April, 2009 after I lost a job of 32 years. I’d been a trader for a while; but I needed to learn how to do day trading now that I had more time on my hands while I looked for an encore career.

I started out paper trading while I learned. I probably did that for six to eight weeks or more so that I could learn how early morning hours trading would work and what Bob’s style was.

I continued to learn through his coaching and the picks that he made while I did the paper trading. Then I started to trade several of his picks. I also learned some other training techniques with other great traders on the site as well.

Q: What are my results?

A: Today not only have I been able to replace the income of my job; but I’ve also been able to dramatically increase my wealth above and beyond that at a much greater rate than I was before doing my swing trading.

Quite honestly I have not had a losing day since October of 2009 while working on the site. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had losing trades; I just haven’t had a losing day. It’s a pretty incredible record.

However, more importantly, I can’t do it without the list of the gap up and gap down stocks that Bob provides every morning. Those are the stocks that are going to move that day that we get to pick out of. Secondly, Bob’s picks are important. I choose to get in on many of them; but not all. It’s my choice.

Thirdly, would be Bob’s coaching. We go through there at times when it’s not going well; or the indicators change. He coaches us to – again, capital preservation is everything. It has made me a dramatically better trader.

A year later I’m still on the site because: a) I need those lists every morning; b) I need his coaching; and c) I need the other traders who are in there as well to help with their insights and picks."



"Made a thousand dollars after
tradingfees for just that trade
alone on that day"

"This is Susan from Seattle. I joined Morning Hours Trading after trying First Hour Trading. I realized that Morning Hours was a better fit. Bob’s style is great. He gives you the trades and then helps you understand why the trade went the way that it did.

To further teach, he creates charts within a day of some of his selected trades to further teach the art of trading which he knows so well.

Under Bob’s guidance I have easily averaged a strong one percent. After watching other traders in the room, I have found a few stocks that I trade without Bob’s guidance. I’ve been successful at that using all of the tools that he has taught me.

It’s a bonus if Bob lists my favorite stocks on the Daily Gap Up, Gap Down list. He will frequently give updates on them as well.

As an example, a recent trade was LVS where Bob called the gap and bought them around 17.05. I bought it at 17.08 and sold it at 17.42. Since LVS is one of my favorites, and Bob was involved, I bought more than my usual amount of equity and made a thousand dollars after trading fees for just that trade alone on that day.

I would eagerly recommend this system to someone who is willing to listen, learn, and do some homework.

Since I’m so happy with Morning Hours Trading, I’ve also joined Last Hour Trading. I’ve found that to be a great system for me as well."



"I have made over $15,000 in three

"I have been using BTST since the beginning of October 2011, and I have been extremely happy with my results. I have had weeks where I have made as much as 8% in profit.

Since I have been following Adam's picks I have made over $15,000 in three months. I have found that as long as I follow his instructions, I stay out of trouble. So I'd like to say, thanks Adam, keep up the good work, and I'm definitely a fan."



"I opened up my account with
$11,000 and have built my capital
up to $18,900"

"I've been a member of BTST since July. I opened up my account with $11,000 and have built my capital up to $18,900.

Your guidelines on technical analysis on each of your picks are really great in helping me understand... I left my day job in July so I could become a trader, so this is really helping me fulfill my goal of $25,000.

I plan on being a member of your service for a long time, and I can't wait to meet you at the conference in March, 2012."


"I made $216 today"

"I just wanted to let you know that I made $216 today on BTST for your recommendation. Thanks a lot! And keep up the good work!



"I have been using BTST since it
began. And I really love it."

"I have been using BTST since it began. And I really love it. I like the flexibility and not depending on the pattern day trading conditions. I also like how Adam plays the ETFs. And finally I love the daily analysis he posts on the site. I use that as a strong signal of the direction the market will go. And I really appreciate the items there.

I do not enter every single trade... I enter about 80% of what he sends. Meaning about four trades every week. And out of those I get a profit in about 80% of them. So that's pretty good. Thank you very much, Adam. I look forward to being a member of the service for a long time."



"I've averaged probably around
$800 or more per trade"

"I just want to give my very great appreciation to Adam. I have never made this kind of dollars per transaction... in such short periods of time.

I think I have a 95% ratio of winnings. I even kept some of his calls to the next day or a couple of days and most of the time it has worked... I've averaged probably around $800 or more per trade. I usually trade in increments of 500 or 1,000 shares.

I've tried other programs but this one has been the most successful and I will continue to highly recommend BTST. It works. I don't need to know how it works - all you need to do is what Adam says, and it will be there! I appreciate it. Keep up the great work. Thank you very much!"



"Two days ago I made $450"

"I've been watching this system for the past 30 days, and just started to get after this week... It's been remarkable in that two days ago I made $450. And I'm very conservative, by nature. I didn't buy a lot of shares I bought 200 shares.

And then the day before yesterday I made $325. It's just been good. I recently retired from teaching and teachers don't make a ton of money... I just want to be able to make some money now that I'm retired. Be able to help my kids... my grandkids... And do some investing in some other young people's lives.

Thanks for this opportunity, and I appreciate it."



"...month over month, I'm averaging 30%"

"I can't say enough about Adam. He has an uncanny ability to pick the winners from the night before. Unbelievably, month over month, I'm averaging 30%. I have enough faith in him I will continue to do the same. Adam, thank you! It's been great!"



"( I ) have profited around $4,000"

"I've been a member of BTST for about 4 months now, and have profited around $4,000. The best pick that I can remember is TVIX, which over the course of a weekend went from $50 to $60 a share. But I just want to thank you for your awesome system, and it really works!"