Are You Holding Bitcoin? Look at These 3 Altcoins Instead

Are You Holding Bitcoin? Look at These 3 Altcoins Instead

Like it or not, cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Some experts believe that — within five years – U.S. hedge funds will hold more than 10% of their assets in crypto.

Major financial platforms like PayPal are allowing their users to trade digital currencies.

Even brick-and-mortar companies like Home Depot have started accepting bitcoin.

But here’s the thing: If you’re only holding bitcoin for the coming crypto boom…

You could miss out on a huge opportunity.

Today, there are multiple digital currencies on the market with more potential than bitcoin…

Cryptocurrencies that could go up 100-fold.

And today you have the chance to learn the names of three of them – completely FREE.

My name is Brian Hunt. I’m the CEO of InvestorPlace, one of America’s oldest independent financial firms.

One of our leading crypto experts Luke Lango just released a new free report, “3 Cryptos to Beat Bitcoin.”

In it, Luke names three of his favorite digital currencies to own in 2021, tokens that he believes could beat bitcoin.

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