Dividend Stocks to Amp up your Performance

Dividend Stocks to Amp up your Performance

Dear fellow investor,

Every month the bills come due.

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Cell phones, cable, Netflix, electric, water, credit cards… the list of bills seems to grow every month!

These bills are the reason we drag ourselves to work every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a steady stream of income every month… just enough to cover these everyday bills?

How easy would it be to pay your bills, if you found a little envelope full of cash every month?

Well, I figured something out… there’s a handful of stocks paying out cash dividends. I get these checks in the mail on a regular basis, and I use the money to pay my bills.

Bills like…

1. Groceries
2. Credit cards
3. Health insurance
4. Utilities like water and electric
5. Car payment
6. Cell phone
7. Internet access
8. Cable bill, the list goes on…

ALL of these expenses can be covered by regular dividend checks!

Now I know what you’re thinking… what stocks pay dividends? Which dividend stocks should I buy?

I’ve got the answer for you.

I’ve assembled a massive list of dividend stocks – 136 of them in all different industries. I’ve bought some of these stocks already… and they’re already sending me little envelopes of cash!

I’ll send you my massive list of dividend stocks today!

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It’s chock full of great investing ideas – like 136 of the best dividend stocks to own!

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You’ll be amazed by these stocks – guaranteed!


John Alexander
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