Is Biden About to Ban Bitcoin?

Is This the End of the Bitcoin Boom?

Bitcoin could crash soon.

The CEO of Kraken, a top crypto exchange, warns a “crackdown” is coming.

And Forbes confirms, “The U.S. is very worried about Bitcoin.”

And even if you don’t have a single penny in Bitcoin… YOU are going to feel the impact.

In fact, the government is so afraid of the big run in cryptocurrency…

That some worry Biden will ban Bitcoin using a shocking “backdoor” approach laid out in the document I want to show you.

This could start to unfold any day now…

Investors who understand what’s behind all this stand to multiply their money many, many times over.

This whole story could be announced as soon as June 16.

Read this urgent briefing for the details before it’s too late.


Christian DeHaemer
Investment Director, Bull and Bust Report

P.S. The Democrats are about to unleash what the Nasdaq calls an “Anti-Crypto Offensive.” And it will impact anyone with a bank account, who collects Social Security, or gets a paycheck. I urge you to get the details here today.