Is the U.S. Government Coming After Bitcoin?

Is the U.S. Government Coming After Bitcoin?

Evidence is growing that the U.S. government is conspiring to take down Bitcoin.

The signs are everywhere if you know where to look…

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already confirmed she wants to “curtail [Bitcoin’s] use.”
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler warns “There should be no confidence in this market.”

And Wall Street bigwig and billionaire Ray Dalio says the U.S. government “outlawing Bitcoin is a good probability.”

Bitcoin backers already know there’s trouble ahead…

The CEO of Kraken, a top crypto exchange, warns a “crackdown” is coming.

Why should you care?

Well, do you have a bank account? Collect Social Security? Get a paycheck?

Then this hit job is going to impact you…

Even if you don’t have a single penny in Bitcoin!

Plus, once you know what’s coming, you’ll understand how we can use it to make a mint…

See, this isn’t the first time the government decided to pull
something like this. And the last time it happened, people tallied gains
of up to 10,280%.

This whole thing could blow wide open as soon as June 16.

Read this urgent briefing for the details before it’s too late.

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P.S. Nasdaq predicts Democrats are plotting
an “Anti-Crypto Offensive.” And it all starts with the shocking
“backdoor” approach laid out in the document I want to show you. This could start to unfold any day now… so get up to speed quickly here.