Unusual Options Activity: Western Digital Corporation (WDC)

Big option buy suggests huge upside for tech firm.

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  • Could shares of data storage company Western Digital (WDC) rally 50 percent between now and January 2020? One trader is betting so.

    On Thursday, over 16,600 options had traded on a January 2020 $55 call for the company. With shares trading around $36.50, that implies a 50 percent upside in shares in the next six months.

    The option contract previously had around 1,500 open contracts, so this move represents a ten-fold surge in volume. That’s unusual for an option so far out-of-the-money.

    Western Digital shares trade near 52-week lows, with the high close to $84 per share. Given how oversold shares look from this steep selloff, and how far they are from their highs, the $55 strike looks somewhat reasonable and achievable for shares to rally to in the coming months.

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  • With a global technological footprint, shares of the company have been held back by fears of a continued trade war impacting economic trade.

    Action to take: The January 2020 $55 call option trade occurred around $0.97. So for $97, you could take a flyer on this option as well. If shares rally—and anything tech just might on the right trade war news—these options could move up 200-300 percent. If not, they’re cheap enough that any loss would be minimal.

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